Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Silent Auction V

The Trial of Richard III, based on the London Weekend Television production (Richard Drewett and Mark Redhead, paperback)
Rubion (Tom Holland, paperback)
Take a Buttock of Beefe (Verity Isitt, paperback)
We Speak No Treason, complete set (Rosemary Hawley Jarman, hardcover)
Richard the Third (Paul Murray Kendall, hardcover)
Richard III: The Great Debate, More’s History of King Richard III and Walpole’s Historic Doubts (More and Walpole, paperback)
Richard III: England’s Black Legend (Desmond Seward, paperback)
The Joy of Eating
(Katie Stewart, hardcover) 
Food and Drink in Britain from the Stone Age to Recent Times (C. Anne Wilson, paperback)

Two three-inch plaster cast angel plaques with hangers on the back.
(To be auctioned as a set.)

A bone china Tewkesbury Abbey thimble. 

(Posting by Victoria)