Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Silent Auction IX

This is the third part of the generous donation by Paul, a former Chair of the Richard III Society of Canada:

These four Ricardian coasters will be sold as a set.
(Slight damage to the lower 
right coaster.)

Two sets of replica coins from Richard III's reign.
The sets will be auctioned separately. 

An engraving attributed to Albrecht Durer known as the
 Prodigal Son, with mat. 
Engraving measures approximately
five inches or thirteen centimeters across. 

(Posting by Victoria)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Silent Auction VIII

This is the second part of the generous donation by Paul, a former Chair of the Richard III Society of Canada. These are the Ricardian titles:

The Trial of Richard III (Richard Drewett and Mark Redhead, softcover)
The Devil Within: A Medieval Murder Mystery Morality Play For Michaelmas (Paul Egelstaff, softcover)
The Itinerary of King Richard III 1483-1485 (Rhoda Edwards, softcover)
The Battle Of Bosworth (James Gairdner, softcover)
The Wars of the Roses (Anthony Goodman, hardcover)
We speak no Treason, Volumes One and Two (Rosemary Hawley Jarman, softcover) (only sold as a set)
The Betrayal of Richard III (V.B. Lamb, hardcover)
The White Boar (Marian Palmer, hardcover)
The Murders of Richard III (Elizabeth Peters, softcover)
The Sunne in Splendour (Sharon Kay Penman, softcover)
Richard III: England’s Black Legend (Desmond Seward, hardcover)
Henry VI, Part Third & The Tragedy Of Richard The Third Containing His Treacherous Plots Against His Brother Clarence; The Pittifull Murthur Of His Innocent Nephews; His Tyrannical Vsurpation; With The Whole Cause Of His Detested Life And Most Deserved Death (William Shakespeare, hardcover)
The Daughter of Time (Josephine Tey, softcover)
The Mystery of the Princes (Audrey Williamson, softcover)
Francis Lovel (West Midlands Branch, Richard III Society of England, softcover)
Richard III (G.W.O. Woodward)

(Posting by Victoria)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Silent Auction VII

Paul, a former Chair of the Richard III Society of Canada, very kindly donated a large number of books to the Society. Below are just some of the books that he donated to us:

Alnwick Castle (guidebook)
Balvenie Castle (guidebook)
Beowulf (paperback)
Dumbarton Castle (guidebook)
Royal Palaces in Britain (guidebook)
Royal Westminster Abbey (Bryan Bevan, hardcover)
The Age of Chivalry: The Legends of Charlemagne (Foreword by Palmer Bovie, softcover)
Royal Heraldry: Beasts and Badges of Britain (J.P. Brooke-Little, softcover)
Brass Rubbings (Muriel Clayton, softcover)
Royal Buildings (Howard Colvin, softcover)
Medieval Holidays & Festivals (Madeleine Pelner Cosman, hardcover)
The Conquering Family (Thomas Costain, softcover)
The Magnificent Century (Thomas Costain, softcover)
A History of Medieval Civilization (Joseph H. Dahmus, hardcover)
Dover Castle (S.W.G. Elvins, flyer)
Tudor Rebellions (Anthony Fletcher, softcover)
The Middle Ages: A Dover Coloring Book (Selected by Edmund V. Gillon, softcover)
A Medieval Alphabet Coloring Book (W.O. Hassall, softcover)
The Plantagenets (John Harvey, softcover)
Simon de Montfort 1265-1965 (C.H. Knowles, softcover)
An Outline of Heraldry in England and Scotland (Robert Inns-Smith, softcover)
The Shadow of the Tower (Joan Macalpine, softcover)
The Prince and Selected Discourses (Niccolò Machiavelli, softcover)
British Heraldry (Richard Marks and Ann Payne)
Herbs in the Middle Ages (Evelyn Meagher, softcover)
The Devil’s Crown (Keith Miles, softcover)
The History of the Kings of Britain (Geoffrey of Monmouth, softcover)
England in the Late Middle Ages (A.R. Myers, softcover)
King Edward III (Michael Packe, hardcover)
The Mary Rose (Margaret Rose, softcover)
Battles in Britain 1066-1746 (William Seymour, softcover)
Richard III (William Shakespeare, edited by Francis Fergusson, softcover)
The Kings and Queens of Great Britain poster (circa 1980) (Anne Taute)
Heralds and Ancestors (Anthony Wagner, softcover)
King Henry VIII: An Illustrated Biography (G.W.O. Woodward, softcover)

(Posting by Victoria)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Silent Auction VI

(I was tiding my mother's bookshelves and discovered a number of doubles, which she very kindly let me take for the silent auction.)

The Bastard King (Jean Plaidy, paperback)

Light on Lucrezia (Jean Plaidy, paperback)
St. Thomas's Eve (Jean Plaidy, paperback)
Ladies in Waiting (Anne Somerset, paperback)

(Posting by Victoria)