Sunday, September 2, 2012

An AGM update in numbers

1 = The number of mystery speakers, whose identity and topic are under close wraps (all will be revealed at the AGM)

2 = The price of a Morris McGhee raffle ticket, or three for $5, or seven for $10 (you don’t have to attend the AGM for your chance to win one of the prizes)

4 = The number of plays by Shakespeare that Margaret of Anjou appears in (Shakespeare’s Richard III in Modern Theatre is the topic of one of our speakers)

5 = The number of weeks to go for the Joint AGM (it was at the time when I posted this last week to the Richard III Yahoo Group)

18 = I contacted the hotel last week and they have 18 of the 25 reserved AGM hotel rooms already booked

35 = The number of registrants so far

37 = The number of posts on the Joint Canada-US Richard III Society 2012 AGM blog (not including this one) 

37 = The age of Elizabeth of York when she died (Elizabeth of York is the topic of one of our speakers)

65 = The cost in dollars of the banquet, which will also feature mediaeval music, games, and prizes galore

91 = The length in centimetres of the average arming sword (Teaching and Learning Swordplay in Late Medieval England is the topic of one of our speakers)

144 = The number of items in our silent auction so far (get your holiday shopping done early!)

1327 = The year The Name of the Rose, our Friday night Ricardian movie, was set in

1461 = The year Fran├žois Villon composed The Testament (Fran├žois Villon is the topic of one of our speakers)

(Posting by Victoria) 

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